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Humble Weekly Bundle is Turning Japanese

16 hours 5 min ago

The Humble Bundle is a collection of games often related to a theme that allows customers to pay what they want for the set. Usually there is an extra pair of games added in if you pay above the average amount. These bundles have been successful because they're cheap, DRM-free, and gives customers the choice of where their money goes. 

Humble Weekly Bundle is Turning Japanese screenshot

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Feast your eyes on Beat Down Boogie's amazing Katsucon '15 cosplay videos

19 hours 17 min ago

Aw man, it's a good while since I attended a con. Let's just say that my schedule hasn't been open to partake in these events. Luckily, the gang at Beat Down Boogie have done not one but two videos that showcase Katsucon 2015's cosplayers for our viewing pleasure. Just like the previous videos, the group does a nice job in capturing the greatness behind each cosplay.

As for my favorite cosplays in the video, it's hard to decide, as each person sported a nice attire. Perhaps the most noteworthy ones were the creative takes on existing properties, such as the person in the tactical Umbreon suit and the cosplay that fuses Legend of Korra with Tron. Of course, anything that's related to Monster Hunter is always a plus, since MonHun 4 Ultimate crossed the pond in February-- especially the Zinogre Armor.

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Annotated Anime: Shirobako episodes 16-19

21 hours 17 min ago

Shirobako remains my favorite anime since a long while, and since I last recapped, it continues to roll forward like an unstoppable boulder of heartful comedy. I can only apologize about the late update since you, and Shirobako, deserved better. Let's see how Shirobako's momentum knocks down the pins our ace project manager Aoi Miyamori manage to overcome to produce the Third Aerial Squad.

 Shirobako episodes 16-19 screenshot

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SCANDAL up my Social Media

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 11:00

When social media was first coming out, it was primarily a place for my friends to connect outside school. We myspaced for a bit then moved onto Facebook to share our school boy exploits. But it wasn't until I got onto Twitter when I started to see social media becoming a platform for celebrities to stay connected to fans and vice versa.

SCANDAL up my Social Media screenshot

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OP Up! Naruto Edition

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 12:00

Naruto: The Last just premiered last weekend in theaters across the United States and the story of Naruto Uzumaki's adventures has come to a close. It's been 16 years since the first chapter of the Naruto manga was published in Japan and an entire generation of otaku have grown up with the orange-clad ninja and I'm sure many of you readers out there are part of that generation.

So I'd like to make this week's selection of anime openings to be about Naruto. I've forgotten just how many awesome songs were in Naruto openings and I still have them on my music players for some great listening. So let's go take a ninja dash down memory lane for a quick look at some Naruto openings.

[There's also a review for Naruto: The Last that is incoming so watch out for that later this week.]

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Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Try episodes 18-20

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 08:00

It's been a while since we last checked in with Gundam Build Fighters Try, but being able to watch the last few episodes in quick succession as I caught up to the latest developments has led me to one, inescapable conclusion:

Sekai might be the Try Fighters' ace, but Fumina is their MVP.

 Gundam Build Fighters Try episodes 18-20 screenshot

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Now here's a Dragon Ball Z fan film that gets it right

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 06:00

Today seems to be a banner day for notable and/or impressive fan creations, so let's keep the ball rolling. Remember Dragon Ball: Evolution? If you're lucky enough not to, it was quite awful. This new project, Dragon Ball Z: The Light of Hope, though? Not half bad!

Apparently based on the History of Trunks TV special from the original Dragon Ball Z anime series, the creators at Robot Underdog have wisely limited their scope and jazzed up the fight scenes something fierce, with a real highlight involving Gohan and one of the androids duking it out in a nondescript urban landscape.

The acting isn't exactly stellar, but the group really seems to "get" Dragon Ball in a way that big-budget studio with orders of magnitude more resources just couldn't. Well done, guys!

[Header image courtesy of Masao] 

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Aw snap, Sakura-Con '15 gets a series of BlazBlue events

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 04:00

I may be a little late to the party, but I felt that this announcement was worth sharing around here. Anyway, the gang at Arc System Works and Strangely Compelling Media (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend's localization, Phantom Breaker Battle Ground's marketing) have announced that Sakura-Con 2015's getting a couple BlazBlue-themed events (a.k.a. The BlazBlue Experience). Of course, this means that people can look forward to playing BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend at the con's exhibition floor.

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Check out a Hollywood pro's ultraviolent take on Power Rangers

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 02:00

Don't you love it when, for some trick of fate or circumstance, the idle fantasies you used to dream up when you were a dumb kid somehow come true? That's what happened for a lot of folks a couple days ago when Director Joseph Kahn and Producer Adi Shankar (who helped bring about films like The Grey and Dredd) somehow managed to rope in talents James Van der Beek (Dawson's Creek) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) to act...in Power Rangers.

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KFC and Potato Chips. Together at Last

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 11:00

There are some Japanese snacks that wouldn't fly in the west. Pocari Sweat has the connotation of drinking someone's perspiration, and their eclectic Kit Kat flavours can make some taste buds shudder. But this concept already has me salivating.

KFC and Potato Chips. Together at Last screenshot

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Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro comes to Blu-Ray

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 09:00

One of the finest anime every made is finally making its way to Blu-Ray! Discotek Media announced that the Hayao Miyazaki classic will finally makes its US Blu-Ray debut on April 28th! So freaking excite! News of the release was announced last year, but we finally get a date!

 The Castle of Cagliostro comes to Blu-Ray screenshot

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Celebrate the Vita's birthday with some great Japanese games

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 08:00

It's been three years since the Playstation Vita came out and the little handheld has survived with a great stable of Japanese games. Those who own the Vita or want to get a Vita are now in for a treat with a great sale featuring some great Japanese games.

Not only are there great games on sale, there are also some nice freebies such as: Toro Vita theme, credit for the free-to-play title Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, and a free Spirit for Destiny of Spirits.

The sale and items will be available in today's Tuesday update and certain freebies will be available a little later.

Check out the complete list of games on sale on the Playstation Blog.

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A Daily Dose of Music: Arashi

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 06:00

You may not believe it when you look outside, but Spring is just around the corner. With it brings fantastic new anime, lovely new music and this year a new Arashi single! The Winter isn't that bad, if there's some Arashi waiting at the end for me.

The new song, Sakura is perfect heartthrob foil. It's a high energy jazzy bit, with enough substance to keep us going until the winds of Spring bring the first cherry blossoms!

 Arashi screenshot

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Let Risette navigate you through Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 12:00

I don't usually cotton much to so-called "character trailers" when they pop up in the usual game and anime hype cycle. They're usually nothing more than bits of voiced fluff, when I'd prefer to let the full work speak for itself. 

In this case, I'll make an exception, because first: It's a new trailer for Persona 4: Dancing All Night, and we haven't had one of those since last year, and second: Rise Kujikawa's intro spiel also contains some gameplay footage...not that a rhythm game needs a lot of footage to understand.

Anyway, you can watch Rise and her increasing volume of hair (seriously, those twin-tails are out of control) dance it up with her Investigation Team buds, including Naoto, who's made remarkable progress in fighting stage fright.

[via Doki Doki Kusoge]

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More Final Fantasy XV footage than you can shake a phantom sword at

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 08:00

It still feels almost unreal after so many years of being nothing more than a twinkle in Tetsuya Nomura's eye, but Final Fantasy XV looks like it might be an actual game that might be released. Square Enix is banking on that stunned realization and is exploiting the gaming world's confused vulnerability by releasing over 40 minutes of hot, raw footage from the game...or rather, the game's playable demo, Episode Duscae, which will be handed off to folks who buy copies of the PS4 rerelease of Final Fantasy Type-0 next month.

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Review: htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary

Sun, 02/22/2015 - 17:59

[This post originally appeared on Destructoid.com]

No, that isn't an encoding error up there in the headline: "htoL#NiQ" is indeed this PS Vita game's title, and is essentially a very stylish way to type "The Firefly Diary" in Japanese.

Whatever personal peculiarities led the team at Nippon Ichi to title their new game this way seem to extend to the game's design as well. htoL#NiQ marches to its own rhythm, and ends up being two things at once: a fascinating work of minimalism, and a needlessly difficult ordeal best enjoyed only by the most masochistic of flagellants.

 htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary screenshot

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Rejoice: My Hero Academia to be released physically

Sun, 02/22/2015 - 14:00

I don't know about you, but it seems that Viz Media is in a super good mood this week. Aside from their unexpected acquisition of the 2011 Ultraman manga, the company has plans to release My Hero Academia, the latest manga by Barrage's Kohei Horikoshi. While the story's running digitally in Weekly Shonen Jump, this announcement is related to the manga's physical release in North America.

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New Atelier Rorona 3DS trailer is tiny and cute

Sun, 02/22/2015 - 08:00

Item sysnthesis RPG Atelier Rorona makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on March 3, 2015, sporting a new "tiny and cute" chibi look on the Nintendo handheld. The new look is due to the limitations of the 3DS hardware which makes it different from last year's Atelier Rorona Plus on Playstation Vita, which is an enhanced port of the original PS3 version.

From the looks of the trailer, the new "tiny and cute" look is what makes it unique from the previous versions of Rorona while a new grid battle system replaces the traditional turn-based JRPG battle system which is a series staple. Aside from the previously mentioned changes, it all looks the same from Atelier Rorona Plus.

New Atelier Rorona 3DS trailer is tiny and cute screenshot

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Annotated Anime: One Piece 682

Sat, 02/21/2015 - 22:58

Ahoy there Japanator! Ensign Redgrave reporting for duty. I'll be taking over the SS. Annotated Anime for One Piece so I hope you're ready. 

From last we left our heroes, the devious Doflamingo had started the hunger games within Dressrosa with the help of his string string fruit. Manipulating the natural greediness of pirates and criminals, he places bounties on our heroes with the highest amount being given to Usopp due to his God like status. 

Hit the jump to see how the Straw Hats rally to counter to Doflamingo's massacre.

 One Piece 682 screenshot

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Week Ender - My Favorites Edition

Sat, 02/21/2015 - 12:00

So it was my birthday last wednesday so I chose to post some of my favorite openings over at OP Up! and now I am doing the same here on Week Ender. So here I am giving you a few of my favorites that I can remember off the top of my head. Most of these are happy because I like endings with a happy or uplifting tone.

Hope y'all enjoy this week's selection.

Week Ender - My Favorites Edition screenshot

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