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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's anime makes a golden comeback this October

Fri, 06/22/2018 - 13:00

Well, people. It seems like 2018 is going to be a great year to be a fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Part of it has to do with the manga's fifth arc getting an anime adaptation in the form of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

The thing that sets it apart from other long series is that each saga is set in a different time period, along with focusing on a different cast of characters. While they're all connected, each story gives off a different feeling, which is one of JoJo's strong points. That, and it features ridiculous poses, along with the heroes finding clever ways to use their abilities to stop their foes.

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WTF Fridays: A man of culture

Fri, 06/22/2018 - 12:00

 A man of culture screenshot

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J-Novel's latest acquisition focuses on managing dungeons

Thu, 06/21/2018 - 06:00

It looks like J-Novel brought us a story that sheds light on the ways of keeping a dungeon in check. With the lead known as a Keima being a slacker, Lazy Dungeon Master may throw some challenges to help him be more productive.

Other than managing the place, he has to protect the Dungeon Core, which happens to be a cute girl called Rokuko. If she dies, then the guy will perish as well. 

Just like their previous releases, Vol. 1's first chapter can be read on J-Novel Club for free. This format helps people decide if it's worth paying for the content available on the Website, which costs $4.50 a month. So far, the laziness angle shows that it has some potential.

J-Novel's latest acquisition focuses on managing dungeons screenshot

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Releases of the Week: Start your life in another world with Re:ZERO

Wed, 06/20/2018 - 18:30

It's time to welcome a big release as Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World came out in North America on home video. Since it was one of my favorite shows of 2016, this news made my day. 

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The Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Creator's new anime looks bonkers

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 06:00

At this point, we may have to give up on the idea of there being an anime adaptation of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer by Gainax with music by The Pillows. The reason for this combo is that the manga referenced a ton of the studios' works, along with giving off a similar vibe to their style. I guess the closest possibility would be one by Studio Trigger, which sounds like a better dream.

On the bright side, a new trailer for Planet With surfaced, which is adapted from Satoshi Mizukami's (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer’s Creator) storyboards. So far, its hook is that the main cast is fighting the heroes who protected the area from beings called Nebula Weapons. That said, I'm interested in learning the reason behind this fight.

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Releases of the Week: Harlock is an amazing role model

Wed, 06/13/2018 - 17:30

Is it me, or is summer turning into the season of classics releases? I think the answer might be "yes" since we have one of Leiji Matsumoto's (Space Battleship Yamato's Creator, Interstella 5555's Character Design) best characters appearing in manga form this week.

I may not have seen or read his story, but I enjoyed the episode of Megas XLR that made fun of him. Other than that, his outfit looks great and I heard nothing but good things about the captain from people I know. But yeah, it's great that more readers will get to witness his accomplishments in space.

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Go Nagai is attending Anime Expo '18

Sun, 06/10/2018 - 06:00

As I rejoice over 2018 marking the return of three classic Go Nagai titles, the people at Anime Expo made me excited as they grant him the Guest of Honor status. If anything, this is the perfect follow-up to the new Devilman, Mazinger, and Cutie Honey projects going West.

Even though my exposure to his works is through the original Devilman manga, I got to watch the remakes of his iconic stuff, such as Yasuhiro Imagawa's (Giant Robo and G-Gundam's Director) Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact and Gainax's Re: Cutie Honey. All in all, the ones I saw did justice to the man who brought us the glorious Rocket Punch and the first magical girl transformation.

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Releases of the Week: Kanna steals the spotlight

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 12:00

Oh, boy. It seems like we hit another occasion where the anime titles are slowing down as the manga stuff dominates North America. At least there's a decent amount in the wild. Most importantly, this marks the second release of the Dragon Maid spin-off story, Kanna's Daily Life.

I may not have gotten the chance to read it, but the name implies that we'll get to see her chomp on various things you normally don't eat, along with making a certain classmate feel nervous. Considering that the whole cast in the main tale is great, she could amuse people on her own. 

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Releases of the Week: Don't underestimate Kenshiro's power

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 12:00

This week is shaping up to be a great time for Fist of the North Star fans, as Discotek releases the movie on Blu-ray. Silly enough, this news reminds me that I still need to check out the anime and/or manga. Since I heard nothing but amazing things about Kenshiro, I need to fix this soon.

Speaking of classics, this marks Lupin the 3rd Part IV's home release in North America. I guess this means that we're in for a double dose of classic properties. Another one that caught my eye is the Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? spin-off series, Sword Oratoria, coming out since the former is one my list of things to watch. That, and I remember a few buddies of mine having a good time with the main show.

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This magic weapon lets you become a real Gun Mage

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 10:00

The idea of characters emitting magical circles when they cast spells or use special weapons is something that fascinates me. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that can create these effects in real life.

Fortunately, props maker FriskP unleashed a gun prop that creates a magic circle, so we're one step closer to living out our dreams of creating flashy scenes with as a spell-casting gunslinger. While it seems like the designer edited the video, the effect was made through the use of a fan called the Phantom, which emits lights when it spins.

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Releases of the Week: Devilman saves the day

Wed, 05/23/2018 - 12:00

A couple years back, former Japanator Editor-in-Chief and Website Founder Brad Rice did a segment called Releases of the Week, which covered the latest offering of anime, manga, and Japanese live-action titles that hit North America. After some good thinking, I felt it was time to bring back the piece since it's neat to know what's out in the wild.

From the looks of it, I picked a perfect time to revive this segment from the dead as Go Nagai's Devilman manga makes its debut in North America. Thanks to Devilman Crybaby airing on Netflix, this might get people to check out the original. 

We also have the Umaru-chan manga entering the scene, along with the sixth volume of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid spreading the dragon girl romance. So far, it seems to be a good week for people who want to check out the source materials of their favorite anime titles.

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Space Battleship Yamato 2199's sequel lands on Crunchyroll

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 04:00

Whenever anything related to Space Battleship Yamato surfaces, I think back to the days when I caught its Americanized version, Star Blazers, on Toonami's defunct streaming site called Toonami Reactor. Since it has a special place in my heart, these moments make me happy.

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Review: Batman Ninja Blu-Ray Set

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 04:02

Although Marvel and DC Superheroes have been part of my life just as long as anime, I never fully looked into comics aside from cartoons adaptations, movies, and video games. My appreciation for Batman came when I first watched The New Batman Adventures following with Batman Beyond, and my love for the caped crusader evolved from there. When Batman Ninja was revealed during New York Comic Con 2017, I was really excited. It’s not the first Batman Japanese media either since there have been manga and anime adaptations in the past. However, what made Batman Ninja special is that it took place in the Feudal era of Japan.

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Review: Ponyo 10th Anniversary

Mon, 05/07/2018 - 13:00

I can’t believe that it’s been almost 10 years since Ponyo came out In japan– though I avoided the dub back in 2009 because it was by Disney, not to mention, I was in my “weaboo” phase, where dubs, particular English, became taboo, even among my friends. I forgot how adorable the movie is, and it almost feels like the movie came out 20 years ago to me despite it only coming out 10 years ago.

For those unaware, just like last year, the good people at Fathom Events and GKids are showing nine Studio Ghibli movies in theaters via the STUDIO GHIBLI FEST, which it’s the perfect chance to watch the movies if you missed it in theaters or never had the chance to watch t in general. The great thing about this is that they are also showing the movies with its original Japanese audio.

 Ponyo 10th Anniversary screenshot

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Let's go nuts for Shirobako's new movie

Mon, 04/30/2018 - 04:00

Shirobako is one of those shows that got me invested with the characters and story through its run. This had to do with the way how the team portrayed the cast's struggles in creating an anime production. Thanks to it succeeding in making their success and hurdles resonate with the audience, it easily became one of the best titles that ended in 2015.

In a way, this was perfect since P.A. Works' projects before Shirobako were hit and miss category. As many of us yearned for a sequel, our wishes have been answered as a film got announced on the studio's Twitter page. At the moment, the only thing accompanying it is the staff and a great image of Aoi looking determined.

Judging by her expression, Musashino may be in for a huge ordeal in their next project. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if it was about them creating an anime film. If so, it's a great way to complement the sequel's format.

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Toei's violent Amazon Prime Kamen Rider series finally crosses the pond

Sun, 04/22/2018 - 04:00

It's 2018 and I'm still amazed at the number of official tokusatsu productions that have left Japan. Shout! Factory gave us some classic Super Sentai shows, Tsuburaya released a few Ultraman titles on streaming Websites, and Kraken Releasing brought the dark late-night franchise known as Garo to Blu-ray in North America.

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Review: Martian Successor Nadesico Blu-ray Set

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 03:00

Even as an avid anime fan, there’s always going to be a hidden gem that I missed, especially if it came out during the 90’s. Excluding the popular ones like Card Captor Sakura, Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, among others, it’s been a while since I’ve watched anything from the 90’s, especially something as niche as this. It really takes me back to a time where anime was different, especially the comedy and how the characters act. It goes to show how much has anime involved in the past 20 years.

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R-Rated hero comedy movie Strega brings out the badass sidekick

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 04:00

[Update: I added some images of Mai Miori's character courtesy of Garage Hero.]

2018 may be shaping up to be a good year for tokusatsu, but I'm still waiting for the one who may top them all. Nothing against the other shows, but Bueno and Garage Hero continue to bring us a great take on the genre as they hit us with a new trailer for their R-Rated Henshin Hero comedy movie, Strega.

This time, we're introduced to Sayuri/Virsago, the heroine who'll act as Soma's partner in the film. She is played by AV actress Mai Miori, who appeared in the 2018 Netflix film, The Outsider, as well.

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Impressions: Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 14:55

Being a fan of Inio Asano’s work, such as Oyasumi Punpun, What a Wonderful World, Umibe no Onna no Ko among others, I have had Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction on my “plan to read” for a long time but never really push myself into reading it, especially with other series having more priority at the time. Thankfully Viz Media released the first volume of the series, so I was finally able to check it out. The first volume so far was entertaining, and I would like to read more as more volumes come out, however, I feel like it’s very slow as well.

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Impressions: City

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 12:00

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 7 years since Nichijou released. It’s one of the many series that has really helped me cope with stress during my time in school. The characters were silly and funny, and story-wise, there wasn’t a lot to grasp, so it kept me easily entertained. Unfortunately, I was never able to try out the manga, but it’s still on my plan to read list, which I plan to read soon now that the manga has been done since 2015. A year later after Nichijou, Keiichi Arawi has released City, which shares the same comedic tendencies as Nichijou, but with an even more bizarre protagonist.

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