3 ways to be the man in Japanese fightwear

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3 ways to be the freshest man in Japanese fightwear

1. RVDDW Gi-Star Stadium Jacket

I'm not much of a jacket guy but if I was to drop $500+ on a crazy jacket this would be it. Choose white or black leather sleeves with what appears to be a jiu jitsu gi weave base material. Details and highlights all over the place. Catch Shuichiro Katsumura rocking the jacket at Korakuen Hall as seen in Kotetsu Boku's photo blog at Sherdog.com

2. RVDDW Black Belt Hoodie

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Punks may jump up to get beat down but if you're qualified to wear this hoodie you won't have any problems. RVDDW modifies the Black Flag logo for the decorated martial arts practitioner. I wouldn't suggest purchasing this unless you're actually a black belt and Black Flag fan. But if you happen to be both, this was made for you.

3. Nine Rulaz 2011 Spring/Summer collection

Nine Rulaz has a good lineup coming out highlighted by the obscenely fresh Vader hat and Vader Time fight shorts. Big Van Vader is a legend in Japanese wrestling and was pivotal in big matches with guys like Nobuhiko Takada, eventual PRIDE 1 main-eventer.