2012 Spring/Summer RVDDW LOOK BOOK

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RVDDW fans rejoice, the 2012 Spring/Summer look book is here!

Choice cuts include the magnificent "Training Montage" shirt, and the long-awaited "I Need Amino acid Now and Must Take Enough breaks" shirt.  I know I've been waiting for the chance to have that phrase on a t-shirt.  If you haven't, take a break, drink amino acids and reconsider your position in life.

These join such great company as the classic "Who says the striker can't grappling?" shirt, which is sadly way out of print.


(Grapplers don't fret, there's a version for us too.  Who says we can't striking?  WHO?)


Back to the look book, the Thai shorts look really nice too.  There's also a great hoodie for the ladies in the surf section.  Reversal never fails to deliver.