How to get Blazblue Chrono Phantasma TODAY (No shipping needed)

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If you want to play  Blazblue Chrono Phantasma right away here is what you need.


1. Make a Japanese PSN account.

Search google on some guides on this but it will be a separate profile and the library for the Japanese PSN is differnt from the U.S. one!


Also note, you can browse the Japanese PSN library any time on your computer HERE


2.  Buy PSN cards from Nihon

Cards have a downloda code on them. You buy them from us and we tell you the download code via email. You punch in the code in your new Japanese PSN account and boom, you can get Digital Japanese games on the Japanese relase dates. Japanese DLC as well! Easy links will be on the bottom.


3. Find your game/dlc in the PSn market and purchase with the credit in your PSN wallet!

Blazblue CP on PSN is 6800 yen


Its that simple. Here are some quick links to the PSN cards.