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ex-HeaRt Members are Back in the Scene

J-pop Asia - 5 hours 19 min ago
This is interesting news, especially for everyone who remembers HeaRt: Three of the band's members are back in the scene!
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RevleZ to Release New Single Titled "DIVINITY"

J-pop Asia - 9 hours 49 min ago
Visual Kei band RevleZ will release its 4th single this November. check out more details on it!
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Calmando Qual Announces Best Album

J-pop Asia - 14 hours 9 min ago
Calmando Qual announced a best album that contains tracks released since the band's formation in 2001.
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Hello Venus Adds New Members Ahead Of Comeback

J-pop Asia - 15 hours 51 min ago
Hello Venus has added 2 new members, Seoyoung and Yeoreum, to its line up ahead of their impending comeback.
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First Impressions: Shirobako

Japan News - 17 hours 35 min ago

Shirobako is many things--a story about a struggling animation studio, an anime production starting to go haywire, the promise of five young women in the pursuit of their dreams, and that is just to list a few. Shirobako, to me, is the love letter of the anime creation process as shared and dramatized by the same creators to the people that watch it. Still, it's an anime about an anime. How much that speaks to each of us has a lot more to do with who we are rather than what Shirobako is, so this special anime starts out on an usual note.

 Shirobako screenshot

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HOLYCLOCK Comes Back from Short Hiatus with New Single

J-pop Asia - 19 hours 19 min ago
Japanese band HOLYCLOCK announced earlier this year that it will pause live performances in August but soon the band will be back - with a new single.
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SID to Release Winter Single in December

J-pop Asia - 23 hours 35 min ago
Japanese band SID announced the release of a new single titled "White tree" that will drop in December.
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Misaruka Reveals Details on New Album "The Butterfly Effect"

J-pop Asia - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 00:46
Waiting for new music of misaruka? The band's new album will be released in January but since today you can already listen to the preview!
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OROCHI to Release New CD Titled "jikuukouro"

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 20:16
7 months have passed since OROCHI became a solo project but now a new mini album is scheduled to be released!
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2NE1's "I AM THE BEST" Beginning To Play On U.S. Radio

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 15:49
2NE1's hit single "I AM THE BEST" has begun playing on U.S. radio stations after gaining recognition through a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 commercial.
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EXILE ATSUSHI Announces Ballad Album Through Upcoming BR/DVD Trailer

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 12:31
Avex has uploaded a trailer of ATSUSHI's upcoming BR/DVD, "EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR 2014 -Music-" onto their Official YouTube channel! The video then ended with a short announcement that ATSUSHI will be releasing a ballad album this December.
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L'Arc~en~Ciel Reveals Poster & Details on Upcoming Documentary Film

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 11:47
Japanese monster band L'Arc~en~Ciel is set to release a documentary film titled "Over The L'Arc~en~Ciel" this December!
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liraizo Uploads Previews for First Releases

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 11:43
liraizo, a new Visual Kei band consisting of ex-members of Mix Speaker's, Inc., AND, SCREW and Circus, uploaded previews for its first releases that will be released in November and December.
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amazarashi Reveals Hauntingly Beautiful PV "Digging Holes"

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 11:03
amazarashi will be releasing a new album titled "Yuuhi Shinkou Higashizumu" on the 29th of October! The band revealed "Ana wo Hotte Iru/Digging Holes" PV on their official YouTube channel earlier today.
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Utada Hikaru Cover Album "Utada Hikaru no Uta" Set For December Release

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:07
An Utada Hikaru cover album, titled "Utada Hikaru no Uta", will be released on December 9.
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ZE:A's Junyoung Goes On Hiatus From Group & Twitter

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 09:45
Outspoken ZE:A member Junyoung is going on hiatus, halting promotions with the group and from posting on twitter.
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DEATHGAZE will Visit Europe and South America One Last Time before Going on Hiatus

J-pop Asia - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 09:29
You're living in Europe or South America and want to see DEATHGAZE one last time before the band will go on indefinite hiatus in two months? Here's your chance!
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Death Note's Takeshi Obata drops some love at NYCC

Japan News - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 08:00

Mangaka extraordinaire, Takashi Obata was on hand at New York Comic Con last week to the delight of Death Note, Hikaru no Go,  and Bakuman fans who were in attendance. The folks over at Viz gave us a peak at his amazing handy work, and showed all us who didn't attend, exactly what we missed out on. That's some serious skills. What I wouldn't do to have that hanging on my wall!

You can actually enter win a specially signed manga by Sensei Obata over at VizManga. If you do happen to win, don't forget that Christmas is right around the corner, and how much you love me!

Death Note's Takeshi Obata drops some love at NYCC screenshot

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A Daily Dose of Music: Chatmonchy

Japan News - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 06:00

If you haven't had your morning coffee yet, you might want to hold off on watching this video. All the swirling colors and intense tone took me by surprise, so I needed to get my body ready for such aural intensity. As usual the power duo of Eriko Hashimoto and Akiko Fukuoka known as Chatmonchy come correct with their newest single, Kokoro to Atama.

There were some worries when drummer Kumiko Takahashi back in 2011, luckily not much has changed in their sound, although I'm sure live shows are slightly different. Kokoro to Atama is a refreshing indie rock tune, with thrashing guitars and fantastic synthesizer hook. Just the kind of tune to enjoy a double espresso to, and kickstart your day.


 Chatmonchy screenshot

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Quick Reminder: Mighty Boy short film is streaming on FIBABC

Japan News - Mon, 10/20/2014 - 18:00

I may not have read any of Naoki Urasawa's (Monster, 20th Century Boy, Pluto) works, but there's something neat about seeing a group people creating a short film based on one his stories. In this case, a Spanish team have decided to adapt Urasawa's Mighty Boy manga into movie. While the film is considered to be a fan piece, Javier Yañez managed to get permission from Shogakukan and Urasawa to work on the project, which makes the story an official piece on its own accord.

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