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Steam's Anime Weekend sale reveals the depths of our infiltration

Japan News - Fri, 04/29/2016 - 00:00

Sony isn't the only place putting the deals out for Golden Week. Steam, that hive of all other things Japanese when it comes to gaming, has just pulled the trigger on its Anime Weekend Sale. Running through Monday May 2nd, the sale offering discounts on more than 250 anime-inspired titles. The discounts range from 15% off to 90% off, and seeing as a goodly number of the games are already fairly inexpensive to begin with, a bargain-hunter with a taste for visual novels, romance games (for guys and girls), or even a few triple-A Japanese-born franchises can get away with a good haul.

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Aw, snap: Rei Hiroe and ZAQ are heading to AnimeNEXT

Japan News - Thu, 04/28/2016 - 14:30

With almost a month left until June, it turns out that the man behind the original Black Lagoon manga, Rei Hiroe, and the singer of Love, Chunibiyo & Other Delusions' opening, ZAQ, are making an appearance at AnimeNEXT '16.

I may be behind on Black Lagoon, but I always enjoyed the way how Hiroe places Rock, Revy, Benny and Dutch in various dangerous scenarios while they're handling each maar job. Even though I won't get the chance to see him at the con, it's great that people who are attending AnimeNEXT will get to meet him.

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We brain-dove Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online, and came back with answers

Japan News - Thu, 04/28/2016 - 08:00

A team-based multiplayer shooter isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a Ghost in the Shell video game - the first thing is a Basset Hound simulator. But after that, Nexon and Neoples have done a pretty bang-up job adapting a setting starring a crack team of cyborg commandos and their weaponized capabilities to the rigors of competitive online play with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online.

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It's a golden time for Sony's Golden Week 2016 PlayStation sale

Japan News - Wed, 04/27/2016 - 10:00

If you have an interest in cool Japanese things - and I'd wager you do, having visited this site and all - you might be aware that Golden Week, that most anticipated cluster of Japanese holidays, begins tomorrow, on April 29th, extending through May 5th.

While folks in Glorious Nippon prepare their vacation plans, everyone else can enjoy a cluster of discounts on "Japan-inspired" PlayStation titles and movies, courtesy of Sony's celebratory Golden Week PSN sale

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What Would You Do? The Death of Goku

Japan News - Wed, 04/27/2016 - 08:00

[Ed. Note: What Would You Do? is a new column run by our newest contributor Lindo Korchi, examining popular scenarios from anime to develop a proper plan of action (or inaction) for any situation.]

When it comes to the Dragon Ball Z universe, it shouldn't come as a surprise that many of us would love to live in the series. And I'm sure most will choose to be the Saiyan version of themselves. However, with that type of lifestyle, things can get complicated and messy.

Here's why: If you were in Gohan's situation during the Cell saga and your ego was the cause of your father's death (Goku, in this case), what would you do? Yup. That went deep, real fast, and without much warning. But that's to be expected from the DBZ universe -- the unexpected. Of course, Krillin knows that more than anyone.

What Would You Do? The Death of Goku screenshot

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Let's bring out the punch: Corpse Party is out on PC

Japan News - Tue, 04/26/2016 - 17:00

It's time for us to have a scary celebration as the original PC version of Corpse Party has crept its way to Steam, GOG and the Humble Store on Monday. In this case, it might not be a good idea to drink the punch.

Of course, this means that more folks will face the ordeal of making sure that the game's main cast doesn't go through a terrible fate while they escape from an elementary school that was thought to have been demolished. I guess the moral of this story is not to partake in any weird rituals during a rainstorm.

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Uh-oh: NIS America cuts ties with Atlus in Europe, Oceania

Japan News - Tue, 04/26/2016 - 06:00

It's been a long time since it has truly sucked to be a European gamer, but this latest development certainly qualifies, particularly for Europeans and residents of Australia and Oceania that are fans of Atlus' games. NIS America (a.k.a. NIS or Nippon Ichi Software), which has for the last few years served as the go-to publisher for Atlus titles in those territories, has cut ties with the company following difficulties dealing with the maker of Persona, Etrian Odyssey and others. 

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Meet the Grave Sinners of Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Japan News - Mon, 04/25/2016 - 08:00

It's been a while since we last heard from Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Sega's PS4 follow-up to one of the PS3's (and PSP's) best games, Valkyria Chronicles. Now the company's loosening the tap a bit as the game's planned late-2016 release date draws nearer. A new issue of Famitsu and additions to the game's official site reveal more key characters in the main story, called the "Five Grave Sinners". The Sinners are leading figures in the Kingdom of Jutland's war against the Empire of Rus, each with their own sphere of talent and influence, and secretly nursing a thirst for revenge.  

Amleth, the game's lead, is a peerless warrior and runs the Vanargand, an elite military unit intended to counter Brunhild, Rus' Valkyria warrior. 


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Dragon Quest Parody Series The Hero Yoshihiko gets a third season

Japan News - Sun, 04/24/2016 - 19:00

For a good while, The Hero Yoshihiko has been on my list of shows to watch, since it looks like a fun comedy series that'll please any RPG fan. With a new season being announced, my urge to catch up with the low-budget series has gone up.

Titled The Hero Yoshihiko and the Seven Guides, the show's third season will start its new quest this year on TV Tokyo, which is a great thing for anyone who watched The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle and The Hero Yoshihiko and the Key of Evil Spirits. Since Yuichi Fukuda (The Hero Yoshihiko series and Blue Blaze's Director) is returning as the show's Director, I'm certain that Yoshihiko's next adventure won't disappoint anyone.

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Satisfy your hunger with God Eater 2 Rage Burst's tasty bundles

Japan News - Sun, 04/24/2016 - 16:30

With two God Eater titles heading West within the same timeframe, the gang at Bandai Namco have prepared a banquet that'll please those who want to feast on roasted Aragami.

For the folks in North America, anyone who gets the PS4 Day-One Edition of God Eater 2 Rage Burst or the digital version will get to download God Eater Resurrection for free. While folks who get the former will have to wait for the game to launch, the people who get the latter bundle get to obtain Resurrection when it hits the PSN. Then the people of Africa, Australasia, Europe and the Middle-East will get this special offer on the PS4, Vita, and Steam version of the title.

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First Impressions: Ace Attorney

Japan News - Sun, 04/24/2016 - 08:00

Growing up as handheld gamer during my middle school days, I played many games on the DS including the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series. What made Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney more interesting than your average Visual Novel is that it added gameplay mechanics that made players feel as if they were defense attorney themselves. Around 15 years after the first game’s debut, the anime adaptation came out by studio A-1 Pictures.

Being a fan of the series, I thought I would give the anime a try. While I have a few issues with the series already, it is still quite enjoyable and would still recommend people familiar with the series to watch it. However, the series isn’t adapted well enough to attract those unfamiliar with the series, I think. So far it feels a bit rushed, leaving moments that should feel dramatic a bit underwhelming.

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Japanator Live: Drown yourself in more despair with Danganronpa 2

Japan News - Sat, 04/23/2016 - 12:00

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.]

So I finally took down Danganronpa's mastermind, and boy was the big reveal a phenomenal moment during the game's final case. Even though the ending left me with some satisfying moments, there are still many questions that remain unanswered.

With Danganronpa 2 taking place on a tropical island, it'll be interesting to see how what sort of threads will connect this game to its predecessor-- aside from the sequel hook at the end of the first title. Let's just say I'm beary interested in learning about these links.

Since I heard from many folks that this game is a huge improvement from the original title, I'm looking forward to seeing how Danganronpa 2 will break me in these upcoming weeks. At this rate, I hope that this new despair won't make me do anything foolish.

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Strong Style: One match, One belt!

Japan News - Sat, 04/23/2016 - 10:00

Hello, Japanator readers and welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV.

Ths week we conclude our look at the 2015 Dominion card with the main event of that show. We've had some incredible action so far from this show so this is expected to be a real barn burner. So let us go back one last time to the Osaka-Jo Hall and July 5, 2015, for the action!

 One match, One belt! screenshot

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Prepare for Tokusatsu Film School with Garage Hero's Inzector Alpha short

Japan News - Fri, 04/22/2016 - 10:00

Whenever a person gets ready to start school, they usually go through a brief orientation to get acquainted with the facility they'll be studying at. This same principle applies Garage Hero/Garage Pro TV's upcoming Tokusatsu Film School series since they chose to hit us with one last preview.

The main difference between the group's video and a normal orientation is that they presented a short of their mantis-themed hero, Inzector Alpha, who'll appear in the Film School's segments that focus on camera work and action.

Since the toku classes begin next week on April 29, the time for us to learn the ropes of making an indie tokusatsu are closer than ever. Who knows, this might give me the chance to see if I could convince everyone at Modern Method to help me make a show where Destructoid, Japanator, Tomopop, and Flixist are the main heroes.

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Annotated Anime: Haifuri episode 2

Japan News - Fri, 04/22/2016 - 08:00

At the end of episode 1, Haifuri drops its full name and a cliffhanging curve ball--the protagonists are framed as traitors and attacked one of their own. It's good to learn that the second episode keeps up the pace and follows the same formula.

I'm mostly excited about ship curry, though. It's the kind of culinary cultural charm point that makes Japanese cartoons my jam, in the edible sense of the word.


 Haifuri episode 2 screenshot

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You've got 'til May 5 to figure out what Persona 5's counting down to

Japan News - Fri, 04/22/2016 - 04:15

It's been a while since we last heard from Persona 5, following the  delay in the game's release date from late last year to sometime this year. Atlus seemed content to know that most folks who cared knew what Persona was and why it would be a big deal, leaving the hype machine to quietly rev in the background. 

It's revving just a bit louder now, thanks to a mysterious countdown timer on the game's official site. At the time of this writing, it's got about 312 hours left on it, putting the approximate date of the reveal somewhere around May 5th. Above the timer is a fancy mask in a fancier top hat, followed by the words "Take Your Heart".

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Review: Fafner: Exodus

Japan News - Thu, 04/21/2016 - 08:00

There’s something wonderful about seeing an older title receive a sequel after a very long time. It shows that the team was pushing hard to continue the story they set in place, and it lets the viewers see the program evolve further.

While I’m always down with this concept, I never imagined that Fafner would evolve into a bigger series. Due to this thinking, I was caught off guard when the show received a sequel in the form of Fafner of the Azure: Heaven and Earth in 2012, which took place two years after the original show’s ending.

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Behold the glory of the Star Fox Zero anime

Japan News - Wed, 04/20/2016 - 17:00

Star Fox is back, folks! And it seems back in a way that explicitly recalls the glory days of SNES-based 3D games and peppy animal-people bloodlessly fighting other animal-people. If nothing else, that Saturday morning cartoon vibe is what Wit Studio and Production I.G. (the folks that brought you Attack on Titan) are going for with their anime short promoting Star Fox Zero, the new Wii U game from Platinum Games. 

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Review: Project X Zone 2

Japan News - Tue, 04/19/2016 - 08:00

As an idea Project X Zone 2 is wonderful. It takes players through different worlds celebrating the creativity and unique aspects of each game. Having our favourite characters mingling together as they form a vanguard against an ultimate evil is a concept taken straight out of a child's dream and put into this game. With big Japanese games franchises all throwing their hat into this title, equal exposure for each one can cause complications for a narratively driven game.

Project X Zone 2 may have a hard time keeping its story coherent but always has a surprise around each door keeping new and old school video game fans fixed onto the dual screens of the 3DS.

 Project X Zone 2 screenshot

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Annotated Anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable episode 3

Japan News - Tue, 04/19/2016 - 04:00

In today's episode of Diamond is Unbreakable, the plot thickens a tad, shedding more details on just why Morioh is so boned.

Similarly, we meet a new foe who will, given the way the OP sequence goes, will be a member of the squad before long.

 Diamond is Unbreakable episode 3 screenshot

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