Aisu Paradise Eroge Samples Sweet Delights

Sankaku Complex - 4 hours 48 min ago
Eroge publisher Denpasoft has released a new ice cream parlor-themed eroge by developer Maranyo Games on Steam and its own store. An overview of the game’s story from the title’s Steam page: The ice-cream parlor, Della Puena is in a difficult situation and while Tetsuya may have other motivations in life, he’s there to help his […]
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Star Ocean: First Departure R Coming to PS4 & Switch

Sankaku Complex - 6 hours 48 min ago
The official English account for the Star Ocean franchise has announced Star Ocean: First Departure R will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Star Ocean: First Departure R is another version of the 2007 remake of the original Star Ocean game released for the PlayStation Portable. Square Enix has also revealed promotional […]
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Atelier Laiza Announced for Autumn

Sankaku Complex - 8 hours 48 min ago
Dengeki PlayStation said that a new Atelier game will be coming to PS4 this autumn, with a Switch version also speculated. According to Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki PlayStation, a new Atelier game tentatively titled Atelier Laiza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness & The Secret Hideout (official English name yet to be confirmed) will be released […]
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Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma Sucks on Nipples

Sankaku Complex - 10 hours 48 min ago
The large-breasted female colleague in Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma has gotten her own episode as she and the main protagonist Nobunaga go on a date of sorts, leading to her spontaneously exposing her breasts and inserting more nudity into the series that watchers wish would happen more often. Omake:
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Senryuu Shoujo Tries on All the Bikinis

Sankaku Complex - 12 hours 48 min ago
Speechless slice of life anime Senryuu Shoujo has also attempted to fight back against the oncoming heat wave with some hot bikini-laden pool action, as all the gorgeous girls have tried on stellar swimsuits to please watchers and fulfill the weekly service quota. Omake:
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China Woman’s Defecation so Intense She Lost Her Memory

Sankaku Complex - 13 hours 48 min ago
A China woman somehow managed to lose her memory after overexerting herself while defecating, a phenomenal feat that doctors claimed can actually happen. A China woman had to be escorted to a hospital by her family after an excretion session left her particularly pooped and missing (supposedly 10 years worth) her memory – doctors found […]
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Necromancer Kuroeru Ero-Figure Raising More Than the Dead

Sankaku Complex - 14 hours 48 min ago
The abundant fetish for delicious dark elves has brought about the creation of another elf-themed ero-figure, this time with the luscious Kuroero from doujinshi “Kuro no Riman to Shireizukai Kuroeru” finally getting a chance to shine when she arrives in December – that is if she isn’t impeded by amorous men and beasts. Kuroeru can […]
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Sexy Chronicles of Demon Queen Melissa Uncontrollably Amorous

Sankaku Complex - 16 hours 48 min ago
Erotic animation Sexy Chronicles of Demon Queen Melissa has provided a sex-filled fantasy adventure starring three buxom maidens, all of whom require semen in order to replenish their strength – a concept that could only be concocted in a lewd eroge or animation. Demon lord Melissa, maid Marina and hero Lufia are the main heroines […]
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Azur Lane’s New Bouncy Ark Royal Skin Completely Mesmerizing

Sankaku Complex - 18 hours 48 min ago
New content coming to Azur Lane will no doubt be highly coveted by addicted fans, particularly one new skin for the irreplaceable Ark Royal as it exudes an opulent elegance while also demonstrating the woman’s incredible bounciness. The official English Azur Lane Twitter account uploaded a short PV that will likely convince players into spending […]
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Gaming Disorder Officially Recognized as Illness

Sankaku Complex - 19 hours 48 min ago
The World Health Organization has officially recognized “gaming disorder” as an international disease, with the organization having been dedicated to researching the potential harm of using the internet, computers, and electronics too much since 2014. The 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) was recently presented at the World Health Assembly and member […]
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Female Flasher Exposes Herself in Front of Elementary Schoolers

Sankaku Complex - 20 hours 48 min ago
An Osaka woman has exposed herself in front of a group of elementary schoolers, according to a recent police report. Police are reporting that a female flasher has damaged the innocence of elementary school children in Osaka. According to the authorities, the woman exposed her lower body in front of the children at 16:30 on […]
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Ni No Kuni Film Officially Dated

Sankaku Complex - 21 hours 49 min ago
Warner Bros Japan has announced the release date for the upcoming film version of acclaimed RPG series Ni no Kuni. The Ni no Kuni anime movie will be released on the 23rd of August, according to a recent announcement. As previously mentioned, the film will follow the story of a trio of high schoolers who […]
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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Benchmark Trailer Quite Stunning

Sankaku Complex - 22 hours 48 min ago
Square Enix has unveiled new footage of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers by way of a benchmark trailer. The 6-minute benchmark trailer showcases all of the new expansion’s visual upgrades and animation effects while also giving players a brief glimpse of new gameplay content: The benchmark test is available to download on the PC and […]
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Trophy Girls Removed from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Sankaku Complex - Sun, 05/26/2019 - 02:45
Fans of the new upcoming Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled have deftly discovered that the game has been changed in comparison to the original, as the girls present during the scene in which players are given trophies for winning a race have been removed. New footage of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled had developers discussing various aspects […]
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Firewatch’s Publisher Releasing Handheld Gaming Console

Sankaku Complex - Sun, 05/26/2019 - 02:00
In a surprise announcement and website reveal, Panic, the publisher behind indie walking simulator Firewatch, has entered the console market with a handheld called the “Playdate”. As far as controls go, the Playdate comes equipped with a d-pad, two action buttons and a crank – it will also have a black and white screen and […]
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Chiyo Cosplay by Hane Ame Embraces the Summer Heat

Sankaku Complex - Sun, 05/26/2019 - 01:00
Hane Ame has prepared for the ensuing summer heat wave as her latest cosplay has her dressing up as Chiyo from manga Ane Naru Mono, making use of a bunny girl outfit, kimono and a white see-through dress and possibly boosting the temperature of fans far more deftly than the heat. The many seductive forms […]
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Kadokawa Announces Isekai King of Fighters Novel Spin-off

Sankaku Complex - Sat, 05/25/2019 - 23:00
King of Fighter‘s Iori Yagami will be starring in his own isekai novel courtesy of Kadokawa. The one-shot novel will be illustrated by SNK’s Eisuke Ogura and written by Nobuhiko Tenkawa, who previously worked on the A Certain Scientific Railgun TV anime series. A translated overview of the plot from Kadokawa: Playtime is over! Be it […]
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Blaster Master Zero Coming to the PC

Sankaku Complex - Sat, 05/25/2019 - 21:00
Developer Inti Creates has announced their Blaster Master remake Blaster Master Zero will be coming to Steam in mid-June. Inti Creates made the announcement and previewed their history with the game on their blog: After acquiring the license to the legendary NES classic Blaster Master from Sunsoft, we set out to create a new game that both […]
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Bullying Insurance Now Available in Japan

Sankaku Complex - Sat, 05/25/2019 - 19:00
Japanese parents are now able to buy insurance against the deleterious effects of bullying. Tokyo-based insurance firm Yell is offering clients the opportunity to buy “bullying insurance” for their children. Parents who buy the insurance will gain financial coverage in the event of legal costs that may arise from bullying incidents, as well as free […]
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Shinji Ikari’s Seiyuu: “I Was Groped by a Gay Chikan!”

Sankaku Complex - Sat, 05/25/2019 - 17:00
Megumi Ogata, who has worked as a seiyuu for Evangelion protagonist Shinji Ikari, said she was groped by a gay man in a Tokyo bar district. Shinji Ikari and Sailor Uranus seiyuu Megumi Ogata reported that a chikan grabbed her breasts in the Golden Gai district of Tokyo, which is famed for its nightlife. Bizarrely, […]
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