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Japanator LIVE: Rebuild with Dragon Quest Builders

16 hours 50 min ago

[Stream will begin at 10PM US Central Time over at the Japanator YouTube page]

The demo for the highly anticipated Dragon Quest Builders just arrived on the US PlayStation store today and we are taking a look at it tonight! Let's hang out and build and stuff! Come back here for a link to the stream!

The video of the stream will also be posted here during and after the stream, so check it out!

 Rebuild with Dragon Quest Builders screenshot

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JapanaSeven: The 7 best boys of Kuroko's Basketball

18 hours 50 min ago

Time to face it: we all have an anime boyfriend or two that we fantasise about. Have you seen a beautiful main character eating lunch by himself at a cafeteria and thought to yourself, “Senpai, I’d have made you a bento and fed it to you on the roof”? Or did your heart go out to the misunderstood angsty guy that everyone hates and you’re all like, “I’ll love you till the day I die. Take a nap on my lap and ease your worries.”? C’mon, it’s nothing to be shy about. Speaking of beautiful dudes, the guys from Kuroko's Basketball are particularly eye-catching. Don’t even try to deny that you wanted to run your hands over their six-packs? Squeeze those well-defined biceps? Bring them a towel when they’re a hot mess after a hard practice sesh? Me too, man.

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Strong Style: Last Stop on the road to WrestleKingdom (I swear!)

Sun, 09/25/2016 - 13:00

Hello and welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we look at a couple of matches from the last show before the Big WrestleKingdom 10 show with "Road To Tokyo Dome." This show takes place on December 19, 2015, at Korakuen Hall and was the last one for the year for New Japan. Let's get to the action!

 Last Stop on the road to WrestleKingdom (I swear!) screenshot

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Oh, sweet joy: One Punch Man gets a second season

Sun, 09/25/2016 - 11:00

It looks like our regimen of performing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10km run everyday has finally paid off. What I'm trying to say is that the One Punch Man anime's second season is officially a thing. 

The announcement was made on the show's twitter page after a One Punch Man Fall Festival that happened on Sept. 25. One of the neat parts of this event was that JAM Project, Makoto Furukawa (One Punch Man's Saitama), Kaito Ishikawa (One Punch Man's Genos), Yuki Kaji (One Punch Man's Speed of  Sound Sonic), Aoi Yuki (One Punch Man's Tornado of Terror) Saori Hayami (One Punch Man's Blizzard of Hell) and Hiroko Moriguchi (One Punch Man's Ending Theme) got to appear there together. From the looks of it, this reunion sounds like it must've been amazing for the festival's attendees.

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Japanator Live: Fortune Summoners' magic school is about to get cleansed

Sat, 09/24/2016 - 13:00

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.]

We're back to our usual schedule and it's time for us to find Fortune Summoners' final adversary and show her that it's rude to turn innocent people into stone. Seriously, you have to be some sort of cold-hearted person to just walk up to someone and change their body into a statue.

Of course, the game still loves to throw baddies that can confuse people, so it might be a struggle for us to complete this last dungeon. At least we managed to awaken Arche's elemental stone; thus giving us access to even more moves than before. 

No matter what happens, I'm confident that we'll take down the game's final boss tonight. Hopefully, I'll remember the location of the trap chests that cause players to teleport to a different area. That way, this run won't be too painful.

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Weekend Japanatainment - Live Action Anime Edition

Sat, 09/24/2016 - 04:00

Clips of the controversial Hollywood live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell recently came out and the short clips just give us almost a minute of footage of the upcoming movie. Whatever your opinion of the casting, it looks solid from a visual standpoint providing a close feeling and vibe to that of the 1995 anime film.

So I thought this weekend's Japanatainment selection should be all about some live action adaptations of anime, from both Japan and the West. Some are good and mixed, then there are just bad ones. So let's take a look at some! Enjoy!

Is there a live action adaptation of an anime or manga that you love and/or hate? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!

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Check out Japan's rare aquarium-exclusive jellyfish

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 14:00

There's something wonderful about getting to discover something new in places where you least expect them. One of these marvelous scenarios is when a couple folks working at an aquarium found a rare jellyfish species that might remain undiscovered in the wild.

While the employees' discovery happened in 1992, it this news became more known when images of the jellyfish were appearing recently on Twitter and other Japanese social media places. The jellyfish is classified as an ereine lactoides and it's Japanese species name is the kobu ereine kuroge.

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Beat Down Boogie hits us with Dragon Con '16's energetic atmosphere

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 06:00

Whenever I encounter one of Beat Down Boogie's cosplay videos, I keep getting the urge to get on the floor and break into a dance. In the group's latest adventure, they end up showing us their favorite cosplay from this year's Dragon Con.

As always, I'm glad that a couple tokusatsu cosplayers were featured in the video, as we see ToQ #0, an original cosplay based off of Ressha Sentai ToQger, and Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger's Zyuoh Gorilla walk through the con's parade floor with the original Power Rangers. Since this is only the first part of the video, I'm hoping that we see more transforming heroes enter the scene.

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And now, the first trailers for live-action Ghost in the Shell

Thu, 09/22/2016 - 16:00

The live-action Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell is officially more real than it ever has been, now that teaser clips showing off roughly a minute's worth of footage have been released. In several snippets of about ten seconds each, the film shows off a number of Ghost in the Shell-isms, including Scarlett Johanssen as The Major waking up in front of a window, a geisha-bot, a slow camera, and people plugged in, all cyber-like.

There are also a few less familiar scenes, like what could be a new character asking The Major "What are you?", and Beat Takeshi as Daisuke Aramaki shooting off a gun. 

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Here's what to look forward to in AJIN Season 2

Thu, 09/22/2016 - 08:00

It's official, Ajin Season 2 will be returning to our screens on October 7th, 2016. It will continue to air on Netflix so YAY! The third movie titled Ajin : Shogeki will be released on September 23rd 2016. I'm so STOKED about this! Who hasn't missed Satou’s devilish smirk and piercing eyes? Don't we all want to know how Kei and Kou plan on saving the world? I binge-watched season 1 in just over a day and this gory thriller kept me on the edge of my seat.

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Japanator LIVE: Take a few bites with God Eater 2

Wed, 09/21/2016 - 14:00

[Stream will begin at 10PM US Central Time over at the Japanator YouTube page]

Hello, lovely viewers! It's been a while since I've done a stream and now I've got a game that recently came out that I also reviewed here on Japanator. I'm playing some God Eater 2 on the PlayStation 4 tonight and will give an hour (or more) overview of how the game plays and what it's all about (hint: it involves eating gods). Can't wait to see you there!

The video of the stream will also be posted here during and after the stream, so check it out!

 Take a few bites with God Eater 2 screenshot

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Relive every episode of Endless Eight all at the same time

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 13:00

The anime adaptation of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is among one of the best anime shows in the last two decades and is still fondly remembered to this day. However, there is one thing that rubbed people the wrong way with that series that still comes up every so often: Endless Eight.

For those unfamiliar on Endless Eight (or those who choose to forget), it is an arc in the second season of the Haruhi anime from 2009 where the characters are unaware that they are put into an Groundhog Day-styled time loop. However, this was not in one neat and convenient episode, it was in eight separate episodes where the same events transpire in almost the same fashion IN EACH EPISODE that the viewer lived through every single week.

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DECO*27's Reversible Campaign song gets a music video

Sat, 09/17/2016 - 15:00

We may have a bit to go before DECO*27's album, GHOST, comes out, but that isn't stopping him from releasing a new music video for one of the soundtrack's songs before the promised day; thus allowing folks to see "Reversible Campaign" in a different way.

Even though the video is mostly dominated by effects, the piece's colors and the timing behind gives the whole thing a nice surreal look. To an extent, the whole things gave off a neat Danganronpa vibe with its placement of skulls and grenades in its background. If anything, Oguchi and Yuma Saito deserve some mad props for their hard work in putting this thing together. 

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Weekend Japanatainment - Summer OP 2016 Edition

Sat, 09/17/2016 - 08:00

The summer anime season is coming to a close and the hot weather is finally letting up (except in weird places like Australia where it's winter time and dangerous creatures lurk at every corner). So it is the perfect time to showcase some of the openings from some popular anime this season. I haven't been keeping up much since I've been hella busy but from what I hear, there are some outstanding shows this season.

Most of the stuff I know on here is from twitter and I trust strangers on the internet when it comes to animu information. So enjoy the openings from this season and we will take a look at the endings from this season in a future installment.

What's your favorite anime from this season? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!

Weekend Japanatainment - Summer OP 2016 Edition screenshot

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Strong Style: Seriously, this is the finals

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 16:00

Greetings to another week of Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we are at the finals of the 2015 World Tag league tournament on December 9th, 2015, and the Sendai Sunplaza. The last stop before we get to WrestleKingdom 10.

 Seriously, this is the finals screenshot

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Get in the robot: Code: HARDCORE's Kickstarter met its goal

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 13:00

It's been less than a week since RocketPunch Games took Code: HARDCORE to Kickstarter and their dream to bring an over-the-top mecha game to the world is now a reality. In other words, the company's upcoming title is now funded. 

Since RocketPunch Games has been showing off stuff from Code: HARDCORE on social media and gaming events for a while, this shows that their efforts in getting people informed about the game paid off. As the team continues to expose their title to the people at Tokyo Game Show '16, more folks will get to feel the joy of pulling off ridiculous maneuvers and finishers with the project's machines.

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Japanator Live: Learn the truth behind Fortune Summoners' signature stone

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 14:00

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.]

I bet most of you are wondering why I'm holding a Jtor Live segment tonight. Well, something came up that I won't be able to host the segment on Saturday, so I figured that today was a perfect day to overcome Fortune Summoners' next trial.

Seeing that I'm about to go to a place where I can awaken Arche's elemental stone, there's a good chance that we're close to the last part of Fortune Summoners. Depending on how my run goes, I might get to finally put an end to this adventure. 

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Watch this Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto TGS trailer

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 12:00

I absolutely love Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2's Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series. I've played through all of them, and am frankly sad that it's coming to an end soon. According to Polygon, the series is coming to an end with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 expansion, Road to Boruto

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Japanator Unboxing: Persona 5 20th Anniversary Edition

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 11:00

Persona 5, one of the most anticipated games of the year, has finally hit Japanese shelves as well as the PlayStation Network. We were blessed with the opportunity to obtain the Persona 5 20th Anniversary Edition which includes the game, an artbook, the 20th Anniversary All-Time Best soundtrack, and a DLC set which includes add-ons for the game, Avatars, and a Dynamic Theme. There are two other special editions as well, which include other goodies, in addition to these items.

Persona 5 is is now available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Make sure to get it at Play Asia and use "Kaitou" to get a discount.

[Sometimes Japanator will post links to shopping sites or relevant
deals. These referral links go directly to help Japanator's authors
and operations.]

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Digimon World: Next Order coming to PS4 next year

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 09:00

[Update 2: Bandai Namco made a mistake in the announcement. The game is only heading to PS4 physically and digitally.]

[Update: Bandai Namco confirmed that it was heading to the Vita as well.]

Thanks to Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth's successful run, Bandai Namco is comfortable enough to bring another one of its efforts to the West. Announced at the Tokyo Game Show, a port of the Playstation Vita game, Digimon World: Next Order is coming to Playstation 4 sometime next year. 

Although it's a digital only release, the Playstation 4 version of Digimon World: Next Order will feature better graphics, better game balance (to make it more difficult), and will even feature some new Digimon. I've yet to play Cyber Sleuth myself, but I'm all for more Digimon adventures. Especially since we're in the middle of a big anniversary. 

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